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United States fiscal cliff - Wikipedia
The United States fiscal cliff was a situation that came into existence in January 2013 whereby a series of previously enacted laws would come into effect ...
Fiscal Cliff - Investopedia
What is a 'Fiscal Cliff' A fiscal cliff is a combination of expiring tax cuts and across-the-board government spending cuts scheduled to become effective Dec. 31 ...
Explanation of a Fiscal Cliff - The Balance
The Fiscal Cliff Explained “Fiscal cliff” is the popular shorthand term used to describe the conundrum that the U.S. government faced at the end of 2012, when the ...
Obama signs bill warding off fiscal cliff -
The bill that would back the United States away from its fiscal cliff awaited President Obama's signature, but new battles over taxes and spending await.
The ‘Fiscal Cliff,’ Explained - The New York Times
Many Americans must be wondering: What is all this about a “fiscal cliff”? And why did it receive so little attention during the presidential campaign?
The Fiscal Cliff: Absolutely everything you could possibly ...
A fiscal cliff deal is likely to include an increase to the debt limit. But in a world without a deal, an ongoing austerity crisis could be worsened by a default.
'Fiscal Cliff': CNBC Explains
Since then, "fiscal cliff" has taken on legendary status as a harbinger of economic gloom and doom. So what would have the "fiscal cliff" triggerd for the economy and ...
Fiscal Cliff: America's Looming Economic Crisis
Thursday, 3 Jan 2013 | 7:30 AM ET. The eleventh hour deal reached to avert the fiscal cliff in the U.S. merely masks the bleak long-term outlook for the country ...
The Fiscal Cliff Explained - Forbes
It’s the phrase that will be dominating the airwaves in the days and months to come as the pundits and prognosticators leave the 2012 election behind and ...
The Fiscal Cliff: A Primer - Tax Foundation
Download Special Report No. 204: The Fiscal Cliff: A Primer. Update: For a description of the tax deal passed by the Senate on January 1, 2013, see here.
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