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Republic of Macedonia - Wikipedia
The Republic of Macedonia roughly corresponds to the ancient kingdom of Paeonia, which was located immediately north of the ancient kingdom of Macedonia. Paeonia was ...
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Alternative Titles: Makedonija, Republic of Macedonia, Republika Makedonija, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Macedonia - The World Factbook — Central Intelligence Agency
Macedonia gained its independence peacefully from Yugoslavia in 1991. Greek objection to Macedonia’s name, insisting it implies territorial pretensions to the ...
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Macedonia | ancient kingdom, Europe |
Macedonia, ancient kingdom centred on the plain in the northeastern corner of the Greek peninsula, at the head of the Gulf of Thérmai. In the 4th century bce it ...
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World news about Macedonia. Breaking news and archival information about its people, politics and economy from The New York Times.
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Geography . Macedonia is a landlocked state in the heart of the Balkans and is slightly smaller than the state of Vermont. It is a mountainous country with small ...
Macedonia - Wikipedia
Macedonia most commonly refers to: Republic of Macedonia, country in southeastern Europe; Macedonia (Greece), region of Northern Greece; Macedonia (region ...
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Welcome to the official National Tourism Portal, presents travel Macedonia information, culture and adventure tourism. This is official site for Macedonian tourism ...
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Macedonia is dotted with beautiful Orthodox churches, monasteries, and Ottoman mosques. The territory of the Republic of Macedonia has a proud history.
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